> People Are Wrapping Scarves Around Their Dogs And It Actually Has A Big Impact

People Are Wrapping Scarves Around Their Dogs And It Actually Has A Big Impact


Dogs are wonderful companions. Is there anything better than having a canine best friend for life sitting by your side? They are such sweethearts, and they are so naturally predisposed to happiness!

However, just because they are normally happy-go-lucky that doesn’t mean they don’t ever get nervous. Dogs are just like us; they have their own phobias. For some dogs that means driving in a car, while for others it can be stuff like loud thunderstorms.

Save yourself a trip to the vet or dangerous medications with this new method of keeping your dog calm. You’ll be amazed at what happens when you try out this technique on your own pooch. If they could talk, they would say thank you!

This do-it-yourself therapeutic half-wrap is making its rounds on social media. It helps dogs chill out during a time of high stress or anxiety. To make it, all you need is a piece of fabric the length and width of a scarf. 

Then, wrap it around your dog at their chest and their withers. If you are unfamiliar with the term “withers”, that just means at the base of the dog’s neck. It might seem like something intimidating to try, but the truth is that it’s a breeze! 


The half-wrap makes them feel cozy and protected. This is the next best thing to having your arms around them. Imagine how secure your dog would feel being in your arms at all times. That’s exactly what the half-wrap does.

They aren’t just helpful. They can also be very stylish. Although using fabric scraps from home (ones that smell like you are a smart idea) or athletic bandages works just fine, you can also special order a half-wrap online. 


Making a half-wrap shouldn’t take much time, but you could also just buy one for your best friend. Many people with nervous dogs (and cats, too) swear by the ThunderShirt when it comes to making sure their animals feel calm. 

We normally think of small dogs as being the ones who get nervous, but every dog, no matter its size, can get a little anxious. When dogs get older, they can get confused. The half-wrap helps soothe them. 


If you are nervous that trying a half-wrap on your own dog will be too much of a hassle, then you can always practice at home with a stuffed animal. They don’t squirm like your pup, but they’re much more patient with beginners. 



Once you become a half-wrapping pro, getting your dog quickly swaddled and quickly comforted will be an absolute snap. It can even help calm down antisocial dogs during walks where they might encounter other dogs. 


While most dogs might find being half-wrapped a little bit strange at first, they adjust it to very quickly! The key is to making it be a comforting and sweet activity you two share together, not something they associate with already feeling stress. 



Keeping that in mind, the surefire way to half-wrap your dog successfully is to anticipate when he might be in stressful situations and to make sure he’s all bundled up tight before that stress or anxiety gets a chance to strike! 


This is a great idea for any stressed-out puppy! It definitely sounds like it’s worth a try…

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