A Photographer Came Face-To-Face With A Vicious Predator. I Still Can’t Believe What Happened Next.


The leopard seal is the second biggest species of seal in the Antarctic. They are large, muscular predators that have ferociously large and razor sharp teeth. They are one of the top predators of the Antarctic and shouldn’t be messed with. So, when this National Geographic photographer got up-close-and-personal with a giant female leopard seal in the water, his knees were shaking. He was face-to-face with a giant carnivore…

But then something wonderful happened.

This leopard seal’s worry and affection is incredible. Leopard seals are usually solitary creatures, so to see one reach out and attempt to care for another predator in the water is absolutely heartwarming.

That encounter was incredible, but I’m not sure I’d fancy leaving dry land to swim with a predator like that (no matter how amazing it would be). That photographer was brave.

Source: National Geographic

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