> If You Place This Part of an Egg on Your skin, Here's The Surprising Effect It Will Cause

If You Place This Part of an Egg on Your skin, Here’s The Surprising Effect It Will Cause


As you tidy the kitchen after making breakfast, don’t be too quick to toss those “useless” raw egg shells. We’ve got some helpful hints that just may surprise you. The slippery, whitish membrane that lines the inside of the eggshell actually has incredible healing power.

According to The Alternative Daily, an egg is full of vitamins, minerals, and protein, and the eggshell membrane may actually possess an even greater amount of beneficial qualities! In addition, they explain the importance of using raw organic eggs because the nutrients found in their membranes are the most nourishing, vitamin-packed, and effective. Here are some helpful uses for these marvelously miraculous membranes!

Just Scratching The Surface

Paper cuts may be small, but they can certainly be irritating! Why not speed up the healing process in a safe, natural way? The next time you find yourself feeling the sting of a small scratch or cut, try placing a piece of eggshell membrane (wet side down) directly on top of your wound. Then cover with a bandage to ensure that the membrane stays in place, and allow to dry. You’re on your way to a speedy recovery!

Love The Skin You’re In

It’s funny how even the puniest pimple can instantly make you feel uncomfortable and insecure. Well it’s time to take back your power, and show those pesky blemishes who’s boss! The vitamin-rich membrane of an egg has been known to assist in clearing up skin, as well as help tackle those unsightly blackheads. Get going on that glowing skin… you deserve it!

Splinter Savvy

Never underestimate the soreness associated with a splinter. That combined with the plucking motion of the tweezers when attempting to remove it… ouch and ouch! This little tidbit just may provide some relief the next time you find yourself faced with a microscopic piece of embedded wood. Simply apply a portion of eggshell membrane to the area, wet side down, and allow to dry. This slippery specimen will assist in drawing out that stubborn intruder, and send you on your splinter-free merry way!

“Joint” Forces

Unfortunately for many, arthritis and joint pain can be consuming, relentless, and often simply unbearable. According to the Livestrong site, eggshell membranes contain glucosamine, hyaluronic acid, chondroitin and collagen. ALL of these substances benefit joint health! So if difficulty with your joints has left you feeling helpless… why not give this egg-celent remedy a go?

Heel, Toe, Dosey Doe

An ingrown toenail is a “small” problem that can cause a tremendous amount of pain. The throbbing, the aching, the soreness… this little villain is sure to steal you off the dance floor, and have you observing from the sidelines. Well, not anymore! With the help of an eggshell membrane, you’ll be back on the dance floor and promenading with your partner before you know it!

Reaching Your “Boil”ing Point

Boils are not only irritating and unsightly, they can be painful as well. If you’re someone who constantly participates in the “battle of the boils”… this piece of information just may interest you. Simply apply a slice of eggshell membrane overtop the boil, cover with a bandage, and allow to dry. Reapply pieces of the egg-wonder until the boil has healed. The medicinal powers of the membrane will ensure that you come out of the next battle with a victory!

Need help removing that ooey gooey membrane? Here’s how: