Professional Dancer Goes To Uganda To Teach Orphans – They End Up Teaching Her Some Epic New Moves


Karina Palmira is a professional dancer and choreographer from Dubai in the United Arab Emirates who recently travelled to Uganda to teach orphans there. She had no idea at the time that the orphans would end up teaching her some awesome new dance moves as well!

Karina is a dancer with the Moto Dancers, who claim to be the “first Afrobeats dance crew in the Middle East.”

Karina flew to Uganda to pay a visit to the Masaka Kids Africana Orphanage, which houses children ages two and up. The orphanage says that their mission is to  “use dance as a vehicle for positive change,” and their children have become internationally known for their dancing. In fact, the orphanage won a couple of Dance World Awards in 2017.

When Karina visited the children earlier this month, she quickly realized that SHE was going to be THEIR student. She soon posted a video to Instagram with the caption, “‘Mami Karina, teach us some moves’ but I’m actually the one learning from them.”

The video she posted shows her dancing alongside a boy named Trevor, who is schooling her instead on how to dance.

Both Karina and Trevor can’t stop smiling, and they are clearly having a blast!

Karina’s video has quickly gone viral, being viewed millions of times by people all over the world.

“Baby boy was killin’ it with pure joy. Love his energy. She killed it too,” one social media user commented, with another adding, “Nice! May the sky never be a limit for them.”

Check out the video for yourself below!