She Proves Why You NEVER Send A Man To The Grocery Store—And It’s HILARIOUS!


With her southern drawl and down-to-earth humor, Jeanne Robertson is about to explain why ladies should never send their husbands to the grocery store… and I couldn’t stop laughing! From numbering grocery lists, express lanes and endless amounts of shortening brought home by her hubby, this anecdote is good old-fashioned, CLEAN humor, the kind you can’t hardly find anymore.

Jeanne Robertson is a incredible humorist and professional speaker. In 1963, at age 19, she was named Miss North Carolina. Her anecdotes, based on real-life experiences, can be heard daily on XM Radio’s Channel 98, Laugh USA and Sirius Radio’s Blue Collar Comedy channel 103 (XM 97) and Laugh Break channel 105.

She’s SO funny!

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