Punks Think It’s Funny To Burn The American Flag. Now Watch What Happens When These Bikers Show Up..


In the video included below, a group of masked renegades start by burning a confederate flag in New York City’s Central Park. A group of spectators watch on and cheer.

But then at the 44-second mark, someone throws an American flag into the flames. People gasp and one man is brave enough to stand up to the punks and save the flag from the fire.

He takes it from the fire and stomps out the burning edges. The punks don’t like it because they want to watch America burn. But they rethink their tune when a group of bikers show up and scare the cowardly flag burners half to death.

** WARNING: The video below includes GRAPHIC language! **

The punks run away as soon as the group of masked bikers show up.

“Anarchist scum,” the bikers shout as they follow the punks. “Get out here!”

A group of reporters with cameras follow the action and a collation forms against the flag burning cowards.

When they finally catch up to the flag burner, he says how he doesn’t like America.

That’s when the biker tears his opinion to shreds. Watch the altercation happen at the 2:30-mark in the video.

Watch the clip. What do you think about these flag burners?

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