Quarter Pounder-Obsessed Woman Orders Burger While Giving Birth In McDonald’s Car Park


Any moms will know, when you’re in the late stages of pregnancy, everything can get a bit nerve-wracking. Especially if you’re overdue. This woman was looking forward to tucking into a quarter pounder from McDonald’s when her pregnancy took an unexpected term.

The woman was in McDonald’s car park in Melbourne, Australia when the worst happened. Well, not quite the worst. As a woman who was nine months pregnant, your waters breaking isn’t entirely unexpected. But, you can’t stop doing everything in your life just because you’re expecting!

Her waters broke in the car park, and she and her husband quickly called 000. However, they were told there could be quite a wait before an ambulance arrived. So, the woman giving birth made the only rational decision.

She sent her husband into the store to get her a quarter pounder. Licensee Ainsley Shillington saw the events unfold.

“During our lunch rush, he asked for an order for his wife who was delivering a baby in the car park.

“We served the customer as quickly as possible with drinks and a dinner box and he proceeded on his way. The crew at the time were quite concerned.

“Everyone thought it was quite a fun to have such an occurrence in the car park, when they saw the ambulance in attendance they knew they were well and truly looked after.”

Apparently, the husband was looking quite frazzled. What can you expect if your wife is giving birth and sends you for a quarter pounder? Thankfully employees watched the emergency services arrive and take the woman and her newborn baby to the hospital, quarter pounder still in hand. Talk about a happy meal!

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