> Recording of 911 Call Released on Internet, You Won’t Be Able to Stop Laughing at What’s Reported

Recording of 911 Call Released on Internet, You Won’t Be Able to Stop Laughing at What’s Reported


When you look out your window, you expect to see birds, squirrels, and maybe the occasional stray cat. You would not expect a glance out the window to induce a feeling of panic and to prompt a call to 911.

In Newmarket, Ontario in Canada a simple glance out the window at 3 a.m. induced such a panic. What people saw when they glanced out the window was a bit unbelievable and resulted in multiple 911 calls.

What those residents saw when they looked out the window was Suzy and Bunny, elephants that had escaped from Garden Brothers Circus. The gigantic escapes were just taking a stroll and having an early morning snack on some trees.

Apparently, human error gave the girls their chance for a night out on the town. When the two discovered that the electric fence that usually kept them in their enclosure was accidentally turned off, they left all cares behind.

In good humor, the York Regional Police released the 911 communications as well as the radio conversation between officers and dispatch. The conversation will give you a good belly laugh!

“Police Communications, Elliot,” the officer said. “Hi, um, we’ve found an elephant walking down the street, near the Community center,” the man said.

The officer responded like almost anyone else answering a call about rogue elephants at 3 a.m.: “Sorry?” The unidentified caller clarified, “We found an elephant walking down the street, like one of those from like the circus.”

After telling the operator that they were in fact fully grown elephants, the caller stated that one was following his friend who was trying to lead the elephant back to the circus. “One of my friends, it’s following him and he’s leading it back there but they’re huge.”

Soon officers were on the call and more reports were flooding in. In the communications, we found out that the previous caller’s friend was successful in leading one of the giant beasts back to the tent.

We also find out that there are actually three elephants that had the opportunity to escape. However, the third elephant was either too tired or too mature for a night out on the town; she decided beauty rest was what she needed.