Rescue Dog’s Emotional Reunion With Her Soldier Dad Brought Me To Tears!


US National Guard soldier, Captain Andrew Schmidt, has been away from his favorite girls for way too long… he has been serving a five-month tour in Afghanistan and has missed his wife Jen and his pup, Gracie way too much. When this video was filmed, the Schmidts did not have any children of their own, Gracie was their only “child” and as you are about to see, she missed her dad a whole lot!

Gracie is so loving towards Schmidt because he rescued her as a puppy. She had been on “death row” at a shelter for four months and she has never, ever forgotten how Schmidt came to her rescue! Gracie was abandoned as a pup and feared that she might have been abandoned again. As you can see in this video, Gracie was beyond excited for her hero to come home!

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