She Reveals The ONLY Way To Remove A Ring Stuck On Your Finger! Who Knew?


When my friend got pregnant, her fingers swelled so bad that her wedding ring became uncomfortable. She tried everything to get it off: soap, oil, even leaving her hand in cold water… but nothing seemed to work! So she decided to call her sister – who happens to be an emergency room nurse – to see if there was any way to remove the ring without an expensive trip to the ER.

To her surprise, there was a way! And luckily enough, there are a few videos on YouTube that show just how to do it!

I would have never thought of using a shoelace (or string, that works too) to get rings off. I always thought you just had to give up and cut them – but this is a much safer and cheaper way to do things. Plus, you get to save your ring!

Have you ever tried this?

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