Santa caught praying beneath Jesus just right after visiting sick children in hospital


Christmas time often brings out the best in people, inspiring a renewed faith in God and desire to do good for others.

The season also brings people together, no matter where they happen to be — even at a hospital.

It’s unimaginably difficult to have a child who is sick and hospitalized during Christmas, but nurses and doctors do their part to make it as festive as possible for the children.

While nothing compares to being with family for Christmas, the children of one particular hospital in Texas got a special visit from Santa Claus.

Santa visited the children and spent time with them, hoping to lift their spirits and distract them from their illnesses.

But little did these children know, this particular Santa was going to give them something more.

A director at the hospital explained what happened on Facebook.

“I keep getting choked up with this photo,” Mariana Whitley Tumlinson wrote. “Today, after Santa visited our patients and was on his way out, he noticed our Chapel.”

“I, of course, said yes,” she continued. “I didn’t walk in with him right away but when I did I was so moved by this image I had to capture it.”

Apparently, after Santa had visited with the children, he decided to get on his knees and pray to Jesus for them, too.

“What a great reminder of the reason for the season. #reasonfortheseason #myfavoritesanta.”

The photo of this special moment has now received over 19,000 shares and has hundreds of comments from those moved by it.

What a beautiful moment and a reminder of the true reason for the Christmas season — Jesus Christ.