See That Tiny Place In The Mountains? It’s Awesome But You Probably Don’t Want To Go There.


At the top of the Matterhorn in Switzerland, one of the highest peaks in the Swiss Alps, stands a tiny cabin called the Solvay Hut. It’s the highest hut owned by the Swiss Alpine Club, which is the largest mountaineering club in Switzerland. Those huts are meant to be used by climbers for shelter, but the Solvay Hut can only be used in emergencies. That’s because it would take a near-emergency just to reach the hut.

Basically, if you climb high enough in the Alps, you deserve to rest at the tiny Solvay Hut. In fact, adventurers probably deserve a week-long massage at that point, but the small room of safety with a gorgeous view will have to do.

Via Amusing Planet

Climbing all the way up the Matterhorn may be a daunting feat, but that view is seriously worth the adventure. Share this incredible little hut by clicking the button below.