He sees $2 picture in thrift store, quickly realizes it’s worth millions. Can you spot why?


If you’ve ever walked through a thrift store, there is a good chance that you’ve found a lot of junk that isn’t worth a whole lot. Oftentimes, people get rid of their things because they aren’t of value anymore, but every now and then you come across a major gem hidden on the dusty shelves of your local thrift store.

When Fresno, California resident, Randy Guijarro was perusing his local thrift store, he didn’t think too much about a box of old photos that he came across. But, he thought they were cool enough to purchase for the small price of two dollars.

It wasn’t until after Guijarro got home that he really took the time to look at each of the black and white photos, and he soon discovered that one of those very cheap photos contained an image of the famous Wild West outlaw, Billy the Kid.

Billy the Kid (born Henry McCarty) was an active outlaw during the peak of America’s great migration to the West. It is said that he killed eight people, however; several of his followers feel that the number is actually much higher. While he was a Lincoln County War soldier, he was more well known as a brutal gang member in New Mexico. In 1881, the notorious Billy the Kid was shot dead at just 21 years old.

One of the photos that Guijarro brought home, shows Billy the Kid surrounded by his gang as they play a game of croquet. An odd afternoon activity for a guy who is suspected of being a brutal killer right?

Below, you can see the closeup of the famous face that Guijarro recognized…


After Guijarro identified Billy the Kid in the photo, he took it to Jeff Aiello, who is currently working on a Billy the Kid documentary. Aiello was flabbergasted by the find and confirmed that it is in fact the legend himself in the photos. In Western photography, a Billy the Kid photo is considered to be the best of the best, according to Aiello.

Believe it or not, the photo that Guijarro has in his possession, may be valued upwards of $5 million, which means that he could end up banking $4,999,998.00 return on his investment. Had this photo gotten into the hands of another thrifty thrift shopper who didn’t know who Billy the Kid was, then someone would be missing out on a lot of cash.
This just goes to show you that it might actually pay off to peruse your local thrift store. You never know what you will end up finding. There have been other cases where people have found these hidden gems when making a purchase at a second-hand shop. In fact, a group of college kids recently discovered loads of money stuffed between the cushions of an old couch that they purchased. And then, there was a young girl who discovered diamonds attached to a piece of furniture that she had originally thought was just an old chair. The best part of shopping in these stores is finding out about the mystery that lies behind the purchase.