This Senior Dog Was Thrown Away And Sentenced To Die! What Happened Next Brought Me To TEARS!


Barabas arrived at the SOSD shelter in Singapore when he was on the verge of death. His owner failed to treat the huge head wound on Barabas’ head, and instead scheduled to have him put to sleep. Even though he was a senior dog — scared, injured and completely unsocialized — one of the doctors at the shelter decided to show Barabas unconditional love, rather than putting him down. With his support, Barabas became a happy, positive dog once again.

Through the rest of Barabas’s short life, he had many challenges, but the man who fostered him never once gave up on him — and this wonderful dog was able to live out his days surrounded by love and happiness! The bond between these two became unbreakable, and Barabas finally got to live the life he was meant. This is story is amazing, sad, and such a testament to the importance of adoption.

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*Please be advised, some of the footage is difficult to watch.