> Sheryl Crow And Stevie Nicks Sing “Landslide” To Oprah

Sheryl Crow And Stevie Nicks Sing “Landslide” To Oprah


This amazing video shows one of our all-time favorite singers performing one of her most heartbreaking and famous songs for an enraptured audience.

While that alone seems like everything you’d need for an great video, just wait until you see who she’s joined by: none other than the amazing songstress Sheryl Crow! Crow is perhaps most famous for “Famous Mistake,” “Soak up the Sun,” and “If It Makes You Happy,” but when she was given the chance to sing a duet with Fleetwood Mac legend Stevie Nicks? Well, who could pass that up?

“Landslide” is one of those songs that truly defines an era. Nicks’ life was in shambles when she wrote the touching song — she was contemplating whether or not she should go to school or if she should keep pursuing her dreams in music.

Things weren’t going well with her long-time love Lindsey Buckingham, and as she sat at a friend’s home in Aspen, staring out at the mountains in the distance, she felt as if a landslide was moments away from crushing everything in her life.

So many years later we’re so happy that Nicks decided to embrace her dream and reach for the stars. Because, as Nicks performed with Crow 36 years after the song was originally written, it’s no surprise when you see the look on the audience member’s faces. Truly astonishing to behold.

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