> She’s Been On Welfare For 14 Years And Wants The Taxpayers To Pay For Her Wedding

She’s Been On Welfare For 14 Years And Wants The Taxpayers To Pay For Her Wedding


Welfare programs across the country are the topic of much debate recently. With social programs coming under fire as one government transitions to a new one, it makes us think of past instances where these services have been taken advantage of.


In 2015, it was reported that Anna Broom from Gillingham, England decided that despite having been on welfare for 14 years, she needed more for her dream wedding. She had met the man of her dreams, and finally had a chance to participate in something she’d dreamed of since she was 12 years old. She was quoted in Closer magazine as wanting a “fairy tale wedding” and a “party in a castle” with a five-tier cake, and expected the government to foot the bill.


Since then, Broom has disputed the article due to backlash from the public, but Closer magazine says that they consulted with Broom prior to publication and she raised no concerns. They claim they published the story exactly how she meant it, and that she sang a different tune after her story became public.

Broom, 32, has been on disability welfare for 14 years since a depression-induced eating disorder caused her to put on a massive amount of weight. She hasn’t worked since she was 18, and her husband-to-be, Jordan Burford, has severe epilepsy and is also on government assistance. Her brother, Richard Broom, was once featured on Benefits: Can’t Work, Won’t Work in the UK, a television show about those on welfare. Richard, 35, used taxpayer money after the show to marry his 61-year old girlfriend.


Anna, on the other hand, was originally quoted as looking for close to $15,000 for that dream wedding, a dream that was soon dashed. After the magazine published their story, the couple has been approached on the street and they fear abuse for their remarks.

Much of the hate comes from her use of the term “deserve” in the story. While many agree that every couple should have the right to get married, it’s much harder to sell the idea that anyone (even if they’ve made huge contributions to society) deserves a fairy tale wedding with a designer dress or a honeymoon to Mexico.


According to Inquisitr, Broom was paid $200 by Closer for the interview, which she now regrets. The two have decided that they’re willing to settle for a much smaller ceremony at a government office.


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