A Shoplifter Steals A Laptop And Uses A Toddler To Cover Himself


Shoplifting is a crime that most culprits never get away with but still, some never seem to learn from the statistics and give up the disgusting habit. With surveillance cameras in almost every shop, the long arm of the law always ends up catching up with shoplifters who not only get charged for their crime, but they also end up being exposed to the world for everyone to see.

In this video, this man is an electronics shop looking at some laptops and he seems to have particular interest in this one laptop. Unfortunately, he is either too lazy to work for the money to buy the equipment or he just has the bad habit of stealing.

His tactics are rather absurd as he uses a toddler to try and cover himself. After looking around suspiciously, he stuffs the laptop down his pants as he faces away as if to avoid the security cameras. He picks up the toddle and carries him just in position to cover the laptop in his pants.
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