> Son gets into Dad's clippers and shaves his head: hilarity ensues

Son gets into Dad’s clippers and shaves his head: hilarity ensues


Kids are curious little people. They watch everything their parents do and are well-known for repeating things they hear (sometimes to the embarrassment of mom and dad) and mimicking things they see others do. This behavior is not only normal, it’s essential for development, according to Facts for Life.

Yet that doesn’t mean it always ends well.

The little boy in this video probably saw Daddy shaving his head more than once, and decided he’d give it a try too. Obviously, it didn’t turn out so well for him. His attempt at a full head shave, was seemingly cut short (see what I did there?) by Dad catching him, or perhaps his arms just weren’t long enough to reach his whole head. Either way he’s pretty penitent, as you can hear him say “I’ll never touch Daddy’s razor again,” in an adorable voice.
Lucky for this little gent, all Dad has to do is finish shaving it off, just in time for a cool summer hair style. 
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