Son Who Neglected his Mom Had This Life-Changing Epiphany, The Moment He Looked Into Her Coffin


Marc Mero is a name that may be known to some of you. During his longstanding wrestling and boxing career, he went by the name of Johnny B. Badd. Nobody ever thought he would turn out to be a motivational speaker… And a bloody good one as well!

Since retiring from the leagues of the WCW and WWE, the former professional wrestler has since created a non-profit organization focused on anti-bullying advocacy, called Champion of Choices.


He has travelled all over the United States giving lectures and talks to students of all ages about positive thinking, human kindness and making good life choices.

He has now visited over 600 schools and spoke to thousands of children with focuses on bullying, redemption and love.


He’s brought thousands of kids of all ages to tears with his powerful words and passionate delivery.

The former bad boy begins his speech talking about how embarrassing his mother used to be.


He also spoke about how he would go out partying all night, drinking and doing drugs and would be frustrated when his mum would stay awake until he returned home safe.

“If you have a mother or a father, when you go home, tell ’em how much you love ’em.”


I don’t want to say too much about his speech, you need to watch it to fully understand how powerful it is as it left me in tears.

His videos have had over 30 million hits on YouTube and it’s not difficult to see why.

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