Suspected dog fighting breeder found tied up and beaten pretty bad by masked men


When people are caught breeding dogs particularly for fighting tough penalties are imposed. Having dogs for the purpose of fighting is a felony offense in most states and being present at a dog flight is illegal.

However according to the law there are professional bodies in place to deal with these people.

A man suspected of being a dog fighting breeder in Detroit was attacked in the most horrific way. The 52 year old was confronted at his home as he was beaten, tortured and tied up by three masked men.

He suffered broken ribs, fingers and even had his ear cut off by the intruders, before they took off in a van. Police feel the man was targeted as a result of his pit bull breeding operation which may be linked to dog fighting.

The victim’s cousin, Marty Johnson, confirmed he was beaten up “pretty bad” and said the whole situation was simply “messed up”.

In the man’s back yard in Detroit about 16 emaciated pit bull dogs were found along with a dozen more in a similar condition in the basement of the property.

Policae also said, a second property owned by the man also housed dozens of unhealthy dogs.

Animal Control removed the dogs at both properties. The man’s family insist he isn’t involved in dog fighting and that he only breeds the dogs to sell them.

No, he don’t fight dogs. He breed dogs. No, he don’t fight dogs,” the victim’s brother explained. “He has a lot of dogs; it’s been like that since we was kids.”

The victim has recovered in hospital and now faces animal cruelty charges, while his attackers have still not been found.

Take a look a the condition these dogs were in when found in the video below.