She Takes Some Yarn. What She Knits With It Using Just Her Hands Is Simply Amazing!


If you’ve got some time to spare, you are definitely going to be blown away by what you can do with just your hands, a little bit of time, and some yarn! Bulky Yarn like this is available at many stores, including WalMart, and what you can make in just 30 minutes of your time is something you’d expect to be sold for much much more at your local boutique!

Plus, with winter right around the corner, who couldn’t use an infinity yarn scarf? You can make one in almost any color. This would make a phenomenal holiday gift for almost anyone on your list.

There should be subtitles on this video that provide instructions on how to make the scarf, but if for some reason they don’t show, please make sure you click the “CC” icon at the lower right corner, and they’ll show up!

Pretty neat, right? Please sound off .. Is this something that you would make for your family? Have you ever tried? And please Share  this with family!