Teacher’s Post About Spoiled Children Goes Viral


We love when a teacher goes on a good rant. One of the best parts of high school history class was when our teacher really got off on a wild tangent.

Sixteen year veteran teacher Jonas Harrysson didn’t disappoint in his recent social media post.

We often hear parents talk of wanting their kids to be engaged and challenged, which sounds like a good thing.

Here’s the catch: if your child is constantly engaged and challenged, they don’t know what to do with themselves if something isn’t perfectly suited to their skills and temperament.

It ends up being all about them.

We used to call it being spoiled, now we call it being entitled. Mr. Harrysson had three points to his social media rant, er, post. They are:



Point one: Kids have a hard time being bored. They expect to be engaged at all times. As Mr. Harrysson said, “It’s not dangerous for them to be bored sometimes.”

Point two: Parents seem super proud that their kids come into preschool already reading and counting. Mr. Harrysson thinks that’s beside the point. They’ll learn reading and counting regardless. He says, “Teach them instead to play, to be a good friend, and to share.” You can be a super high achiever, but you won’t get far if you don’t play well with others.



Point three: Kids should learn to show a little gratitude. Mr. Harrysson is a big fan of please and thank you. We can’t argue with this one. Politeness is always a good thing, and we are always looking to cultivate gratitude.



These are all good points, but it all boils down to “kids these days.” Are kids really that different than they ever were?

Haven’t they always bored easily and been ungrateful at least sometimes?



What do you think, does this teacher need to take a year off to find his bliss, or do you agree with his observations?

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