She Tells Her Dog About The New Baby…THIS Is Why Everyone Needs A Dog.


I’m not saying owning a dog will lead to true happiness and answer all of your prayers, but they sure do help.

Dogs comfort us when we’re feeling down and love us when we’re at our worst. They know all our secrets, but they don’t judge us. Having a dog is having true loyalty and a friend who just genuinely wants to be in our lives.

It’s simple and true – dogs make our lives better. Purina hopes this touching ad will challenge you to make your dog’s life a little better too. Just by showing a little more love and attention, we can make their world a happier place, just as they have done so many times for us.

If you don’t already have a furry friend in your life, you may need one after watching this video. And if you are blessed with a canine companion, I bet you’ll love this even more.

Enjoy – and please SHARE this wonderful video!