Texas Man Spends $8,300 Building A Barrier Around His Home. Neighbors Call Him Crazy Until The Rain Starts To Fall…


We’ve all seen the incredible and devastating impacts of Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma. Whether we have seen pictures on the news or were there to witness the storms first hand, the entire country is well aware of the damage these storms left behind. One Texas man was afraid his home would be destroyed during this hurricane season so he decided to prepare his home in advance.


Randy Wagner spent $8,300 buying 400 feet of plastic material he was planning to use to protect his home. Randy lives in Rosharon, Texas and was terrified of his home flooding. His friends and neighbors thought he was crazy spending that much money on this plastic, not to mention the countless hours he spent putting it up,

Randy used the 400 feet of plastic to build a barrier which was actually able to hold the water back so that it didn’t to reach his house. The plastic surrounded the entire perimeter of his home and the walls were up to 30 feet tall in some areas. Everyone laughed at him, but when the wind, rain, and flooding began to devastate Texas, they realized that Randy wasn’t crazy, he was actually genius. Randy may have spent $8,300 on the plastic and installation process, but he saved about $150,000 in damages and house repairs that would have been necessary if he hadn’t taken precautions.


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