When Things Like This Start Happening, You Know That The End Of Days Is Near


Many people believe that we’re living in pre-apocalyptic times (as in “shortly before an apocalypse”). Even if you’re trying to stay positive about the state of the world, it can be pretty hard to do that with all the doom and gloom on the news every day.

It’s also pretty unnerving that temperatures are reaching record highs every single day.

When insane weather like the craziness in the video below happens, it’s not easy to stay positive. Here’s what the YouTuber who uploaded it had to say: “Insane. The temp dropped 19 degrees in as many minutes, and there had to be thousands of tumbleweeds.”

End times are nigh, friends!


(via Reddit)

Either the end is approaching, or tumbleweeds migrate to warmer areas every year and we’re just finding out about it now. Either way, no thanks!