I Thought This Was A Poisonous Snake Then I Got A Closer Look And Freaked Out When I Noticed THIS…


Imagine you’re walking on your property at night and you see something coiled up in the shadows. Your first reaction might be that it’s a snake! But when you look closer you realize it’s nothing more than a coiled garden hose.

For 3D artist, Stefan Pabst, the purpose of his work is to make you think something’s there that isn’t. His art work will constantly make you feel like you’re seeing something but his optical illusion is just too real.

Check out the video to see what I mean!

As you’ll see in the YouTube video included below, Pabst demonstrates his jaw-dropping dry-brush technique. This man’s finished product actually looks like the object that he’s drawing.

For example, the glass of water literally looks like a glass of water on the table. Watch him draw that in the first 50-seconds of the clip.

But his next piece will give many viewer shivers. It looks like a real-life venomous snake. Even when you know it’s just a drawing, it’s impossible NOT to see the real deal.

Watch as Pabst draws the incredibly realistic reptile starting at the 60-second mark.

His next drawing is a tarantula. Any arachnophobes should probably not watch! It’s so realistic!

This is incredible!

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