> She Thought She Was Using Hair Mousse, Heads To Hospital When She Realizes Her Mistake

She Thought She Was Using Hair Mousse, Heads To Hospital When She Realizes Her Mistake


When a woman living in Eastern Europe wanted to make her hair take shape, she picked up a can and sprayed it into her hair. But she made a mistake. It wasn’t a can of hair mousse that she decided to use today. No. It was a canister of expanding builder’s foam.

She sprayed the permanent sealant into her hair. While it gave her doo voluptuous volume, it did not end up working very well. She was rushed to the emergency room and was photographed with a frown on her face.

The image below has been trending on social media under the hashtags #badhairday and #DIY. And as you’ll see below, she is waiting in the hospital room and needs the doctors to help her remove the builder’s foam from the hair on her head…


The image was shared by Phil Williams along with the caption: “I love this from @imgur – what happens when you use builders expanding foam instead of hair mousse.. #badhairday”

His tweet went viral and was retweeted dozens of times reaching hundreds of people. Before long, the image went viral and this woman’s bad hair day became international news.

The lesson we all need to learn from this woman’s innocent mistake is to always read the labels before eating or using a product. If we don’t know what something is, we should be careful because it could be harmful.

The building foam is used to prevent leaks, to fill gaps during construction and hold items in place. This is the last thing you want holding your strands of hair together.

In the photo, the woman has what appears to be a helmet of polyurethane foam struck to her head. It even appears to have collected debris including leaves. I wonder what happened to make those stick in her hair.

Having a bad hair day is always a bummer. Besides not looking your best, you also have to deal with other people saying things and thinking rude thoughts about you. It sucks.

Allure.com asked hair stylists what can be done to fix a bad hair day. While nothing but an emergency room visit could get polyurethane building foam out of your head, here are some of their thoughts if you’re struggling with a regular bad hair day.

If your texture is off, “There’s nothing better than a curly, messy topknot,” says hairstylist Tippi Shorter. Just gather your hair into a loose bun, allowing strands to fall out, and make a bun at the crown of your head.

If your bad hair day is a grease-fire waiting to happen, use a dry shampoo. Then lift your hair and blow dry it for a hot second, New York City hairstylist Teddi Cranford recommends.

Do your bangs look bad? “Do a hairline braid around your forehead to create a focal point that looks cool in a quick, easy way,” says New York City hairstylist Matt Fugate.

Bad hair days can be fixed. But if you want to avoid this woman’s fate, always read labels before use!

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