thriftfortoday How to clean yellowed pillows for good


Guess how often you are supposed to wash your pillows? According toCNN, the answer is “every 3 to 6 months.” Why? Because a study showed that at least 16 species of fungi lived in the average pillow.

Luckily, YouTuber Jill from One Good Thing has you covered. On her blog, she says, “Not only did the whole pillow-washing process turn out to be much easier than I anticipated, it worked like a CHARM! ” In her simple tutorial, she shows us just how easy pillow washing can be with her “miracle whitening solution.”
Here’s the components to the secret whitening solution:
– hot water
– 1 cup of laundry detergent
– 1 cup powdered dishwasher detergent
– 1 cup bleach
– 1/2 cup borax
Here are the steps she takes: 
1. Check to ensure your pillows can be machine washed via care instructions and make sure to remove all the cases.
2. Load the washing machine with 1/3 hot water.
3. Add in the whitening solution from above and then turn on the washing machine. 
4. After the detergent has fully dissolved, you can add in pillows. (Jill typically washes two pillows at once.) Once the pillows are added, fill the washer with water the rest of the way. 
5. Make sure the pillows are properly agitated for several minutes before turning them over and agitating again. 
6. Do a second rinse on the pillows. 
As far as drying goes, One Good Thing recommends air cycle for down and feathered pillows and low heat setting for synthetics. The blog also provides a neat little trick once you’ve placed the pillows in the dryer. It says, “Add a couple of tennis balls covered in clean socks to help fluff the pillows as they tumble dry.” 

For the full tutorial, be sure to check out the video below. 
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