> Tiny Tiger Cub Takes An Accidental Dip, But His Brothers Have His Back

Tiny Tiger Cub Takes An Accidental Dip, But His Brothers Have His Back


One of the most amazing things about having siblings is knowing that you always have someone there to rely on in a pinch. After all, no matter what kind of scrape you get yourself into, your family still has to love you!

One adorable baby tiger cub at the Tobu Zoo in Japan learned this the hard way last spring, when he got just a teeny bit too curious about a pool of water in his enclosure. Fortunately, just like fellow tiger cubs Spot and Stripe, he had his brothers to fall back on!

We don’t think he’s in any real danger — after all, the trench is shallow and Mom is looking on the whole time — but that doesn’t stop his clever brothers from cooking up a plan! And you can tell who the leader is right away!

Maybe inspired by watching their mother’s big-cat maternal instincts at work, the boys decide to try to rescue their brother using a tried-and-true method favored by felines everywhere. They try to scoop him up by the nape of his neck and simply carry him out.

But what works for Mama isn’t necessarily so effective when you’re trying to pick up somebody who’s your own size! These adorable tiger kittens have a few challenges ahead of them before that silly cub returns to dry land! Check out the adorable scene below.

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