> Toddler is Convinced His Mom Served Him Poop On A Roll For Dinner. You Have To Watch [video]

Toddler is Convinced His Mom Served Him Poop On A Roll For Dinner. You Have To Watch [video]


While toddlers have a way of testing our patience and causing a seen in public places, they also provide us with a steady flow of laughter. This is mostly due to their honest humor and ability to say the things that most people think but are too reserved or scared to say.

When it comes to dinnertime, toddlers can be particularly challenging because they are set in their ways and often don’t like to open up to testing out new foods. Put yourself in their shoes for a day…you sit down for a meal and get a completely foreign object placed in front of you. It has different smells, textures and shapes. Do you blame them for not being so open to trying out these strange food items right away?

One toddler has the world laughing as he refuses to eat a sloppy Joe. Most of the times a toddler doesn’t really have a reasoning for denying a food, but this little guy does. “It’s poop,” he says, as he fiddles with the meat sandwich. And he isn’t letting up when his mother assures him that it’s not poop and it is a sloppy Joe. Her words are not enough to convince him that it’s not poop.

The video starts out with the little boy removing the bread from the sandwich. As he is scanning the meant, the look that he has on his face is priceless. He simply says, “Poop.” You can hear his siblings repeatedly telling him that it’s not poop, but he is still not convinced. And it may not be the fact that he is saying poop over and over again, but it is the way the determined little boy says it. As he continues to remove the bread and the meat off of his plate and onto the table, he shows some hesitance in touching the meat. Once the meal is said aside, he throws his arm forward and lets out a loud screech, “IT’S POOP!”

As his mama continues to get him to take one bite, he refuses, but proceeds to eat the chips that are on the plate. This little boy is so determined that he even has viewers convinced that it’s poop…

“I mean, I think I’m convinced its poop at this point.”

There are also claims that the boys makes some crass comments during the video, but it’s hard to determine what exactly he is saying in the midst of all the “poop,” words…

“It’s funny that she reacts to the fact he said dammit loll but she did nothing when he said son of a bitch in the beginning”

“I would have asked him if he knows what poop smells like because a sloppy joe doesn’t smell the same.”

“No matter what mom says, it is poop! Kid will remember this forever, I see him telling his wife that…”

“Lol! This so cute! As a busy mom of 4, sometimes life happens are you just don’t have time to go to the store so you throw together whatever you have so they’re at least eating something. It may not be a healthy meal, but it’s a meal. It’s obviously something he’s never had before so you know he doesn’t always eat like this.”