Twin Brothers Make An Adorable Trip To The Salon To Get Haircuts


I think we can all agree that these twin boys are absolutely adorable. Their names are Allan and Brandon, and they were only three years old when this video was recorded. Dad wanted to document a big day for the boys, so he decided to film their experience going to the salon to to get their hair cut. When the boys get their hair blown out by the stylist, it becomes very clear just how much hair the pair really have. When their hair is dried and combed out, they end up sporting some funky afros for a little while. The haircutting process made Brandon shed a few tears, but after he was done getting his hair combed out he rocked the fro in front of the camera.

I loved seeing these twins with their big hair swaying on top of their heads. They are so cute that my heart melted every moment they were on camera. we love sharing content that makes us smile. We hope you enjoy this video as much as we did. Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below when you’ve finished watching.