> How To Untangle Annoying Chain Knots In A Few Seconds

How To Untangle Annoying Chain Knots In A Few Seconds


We’ve all been there. You stick a necklace in your purse to put on later, only to find it all knotted up when you finally take it back out!

What’s even worse is when more than one chain gets tangled up. Is there anything more frustrating than trying to unwind these when you’re in a hurry?

I’ve actually had to say goodbye to some pieces of inexpensive jewelry, because it’s just not worth the fight to try and get the knots out. I had no idea it was actually really, really easy to do it with practically no effort at all.

Leave it to the master of figuring out easy ways to get the job done to come up with a simple solution for this all-too-common annoyance! YouTube sensation CrazyRussianHacker has taught us to do everything from put on a duvet cover the right way to keeping the mosquitoes at bay all summer long in this video. This time around, his hack couldn’t be any easier — and it has me wondering why I didn’t think about this years ago!

All you need to undo your gold or silver chain is put your chain on a flat surface and grab a thin screwdriver or pin. Gently loosen the knot with the tip and you should be able to pull out the knot in no time!

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