> Video: I Bet You Can’t Pass This Near Impossible Vision Test. Take The Test Now

Video: I Bet You Can’t Pass This Near Impossible Vision Test. Take The Test Now


Going to the eye doctor can be a pain.  We have all been there to have our vision tested, and to have glasses prescribed if needed.  Going to the doctors in general isn’t fun!

YouTube user BigKnows published a video, presenting a test for your vision.  This of course is not the most medically accurate form of testing one’s vision, however it does give a cool perspective to how good your vision might be. Remember, it’s just a puzzle.

The test is a video where BigKnows lines up a bunch of letters or numbers that are the same, and has you pick out the one letter of number that is different than all the rest.  The seemingly simple test can prove quite difficult, and has been shown to really trip people up! Don’t let it fool you (although, it did fool me)!

To get a sense for how your glasses work (if you have them), you can also try the test with your glasses on, then with your glasses off, and see how big of a difference in close reading you can detect. See, you need those glasses after all!

The test starts off with finding a letter: B.   The letter B is surrounded by a bunch of upper-case letter Rs and the B becomes almost invisible!  Some very close reading is needed to distinguish the letters. I can almost guarantee that you will not see it immediately. The black background with a light white and thin font on top also makes this puzzle particularly difficult.

The test was also brought to an actual eye doctor’s office, and the test was shown to be just as difficult as users claimed it to be on the internet.  Want to see how good your vision is for yourself.  Watch the video below to take the test!

Did you pass? Did you see the letter B right away? How long did it take you?

Share this puzzle with your friends and challenge them to the ultimate vision test today!