VIDEO: This Bull Was Chained Up His Entire Life. How He Thanks This Man Who Frees Him? UNBELIVABLE


It is not uncommon to hear about animals that have been used and abused, but despite the common occurrence, these cases are not all that uncommon.

In a video recently posted to YouTube, a sad yet heat warming rescue of an abused bull named Bandit is shown, and it is amazing to see Bandit’s reaction when he is finally set free.

There are millions of bulls around the world that need to go through the similar terrible conditions that Bandit had to live in, however few people do anything to help.

That’s why animal hero Christian from the animal refuge and rescue organization called Gut Aiderbichl is on a mission to help every bull in need.

You can see how happy Bandit is from the moment he is released.  When Christian first came into the stable, Bandit seemed like a low energy, sad animal, but the moment his chains were taken off that all changed.

Bandit went immediately to go play in the hay and bounce around in all of his new space.

One more round of captivity was needed for Bandit though when they put him in a truck to bring him away from his terrible old home.

If you want to see the video that shows the conditions Bandit was living in, and how happy he was when he was finally released, you can view it down below and let us know if you have ever been involved in any type of animal rescue case before in the comments!