> VIDEO: He Got In The Water And Seconds Later Felt A Hard Tug. What He Looks Down To See? UTTER SHOCK

VIDEO: He Got In The Water And Seconds Later Felt A Hard Tug. What He Looks Down To See? UTTER SHOCK


When it comes to ocean critters, some of them are very cute while some are disturbing. Often the deeper you go down into the depths of the ocean, the more freakish the creatures become. Like the goblin shark for instance. It makes me shutter every time.

But most of the mammals that call the ocean home are very adorable. Take dolphins, seals, and whales for instance. They’re usually very friendly to humans and adorable to see playing in the water.

But recently a sea otter surprised a bunch of beachgoers when he swam up to them. The curious little guy wanted to see the half-clothed humans just as much as they wanted to see the cute sea otter. What happened next is a moment quickly going viral on the internet.

And you can see it all unfolding in the video footage shared below!

At first, the group of beachgoers saw something black floating in the water. It was moving too quickly to be an inanimate objects and it seemed to be sputtering about.

Before long, they figured it out. It was a sea otter playing in the water. They took out the camera and started filming the guy having fun in the water.

But that sea otter started to get curious. He saw one man on Cadboro Bay Beach on the island of Victoria in British Colombia, Canada and singled him out. This guy was going to become the sea otter’s new best friend – he just knew it!

When it got close enough, the sea otter didn’t have a care in the world. He played, nibbled, and danced around the man’s legs. The two quickly became friends and were happy to be near each other. Both were extremely curious…

For several minutes, the two played like best buds. The sea otter even got a few back rubs from his new human friend. The otter must have been shocked by the human’s drastically different smell that all the other otters he’d met in his lifetime.

Check out the special moment at the 45-second mark in the video.

However, just as fast as the sea otter came, he left without saying goodbye. His friend is going to miss him and think of this moment fondly. Fortunately, the adorable interaction was caught on tape and shared with the internet so all of us can enjoy the viral moment together.

Far too often, we don’t give animals enough credit. They can be extremely intelligent beings. Like this sea otter. He could tell this human meant him no harm and was brave enough to come up close and make a new friend.

“Otters are curious creatures, but this one takes the prize for bravest and friendliest!” one YouTube viewer wrote.

Humans on the other hand hunt and kill animals. Or if they see one in the wild, they might just get scared and turn the other way. How would you react if a mama moose chose your backyard to birth her calves?

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