VIDEO: Here’s The Simple Trick To Guaranteeing You Pick Out A Ripe Watermelon Every Single Time…


In my opinion, there’s nothing more annoying than buying awatermelon at the supermarket only to cut it open and find that it’s not ripe. Not only is that good money wasted, it’s also a major disappointment for everyone looking to take a bite of the juicy fruit.

While you can tell a pineapple is ripe by how easily that leaves pull out from the center. How do you know when a watermelon is ripe?

We’ve got the video below to show you just how to pick the ripe watermelon from the bunch!

As Dan, the produce manager, says in the video, his staff often gets asked how to pick out a ripe watermelon.

He says there are three main things to look out for.

First, it should be heavy for its size. “If it feels heavy when you pick it up, that’s a good sign.”

Secondly, look for a hollow sound. You can test this as you pick it up.

“There’s a hollow that kind of thuds, and there’s a hollow that kind of echoes,” Dan says. At the 35-second mark, he shows you the difference.

You want a watermelon that echoes inside. The thud means it’s not yet ripe.

While Dan recommends using those two methods first, he also mentions a third.

Examine how big the yellow spot on the bottom of the watermelon is. Since the yellow spot forms as the melon sits on the vine, theoretically, the bigger the yellow spot the longer it’s been on the vine.

If you can match up all three of these elements, you’ve found a ripe watermelon.

Check out the video below to see how it’s done.

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