VIDEO: Most People Don’t Remember That John Wayne Did THIS Nearly 60 Years Ago. Do You Recall It?


Without a doubt, John Wayne was one of the toughest cowboysever portrayed on the silver screen. John Wayne was a special man who put everything he had into his work. He appeared in numerous movies. But one role in particular remains a topic of hot discussion even to this day.

In the movie “Rio Bravo” Dean Martin appears with Wayne who is playing the sheriff. In the clip below, you’ll watch the iconic moment both men share – through song.

Accompanied by Ricky Nelson on guitar, Wayne listens to Martin sing old cowboy songs late at night in the jailhouse.

While this isn’t a moment you’d perhaps expect the tough John Wayne to have, it is a poignant one. Plus, it’s impossible to forget once you’ve seen it.

In the clip, you’ll watch Nelson playing the guitar while an older gentleman plays along on the harmonica.

When Dean Martin breaks out into song, every viewer can’t help but smile.

The men are smoking and drinking coffee late into the night while everyone else in town is probably sleeping.

Apparently without a care in the world, these men enjoy the music and all sing together – even John Wayne.

Watch the incredible moment of song and music with John Wayne below!

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