VIDEO: He Said ‘Check This Out.’ What Happens When He Tosses A Bucket Of Water On The Sidewalk? NO WAY


Rain can be a drag to many people; you feel wet, cold, and annoyed.  Rain isn’t all that bad though, especially when it is turned into art!

Peregrine Church is a street artist, except the only difference is that he doesn’t use paint but water to create his masterpieces.

He calls his project RainWorks which is based in Seattle, and it causing real waves of attention.

Using nontoxic, biodegradable ingredients, Peregrine was able to formulate a solution with a super hydrophobic ingredient that repels water.

Peregrine first creates a stencil, then lays down the outline to the street or sidewalk.  Next, he sprays it with his solution, and that’s it!

Next time it rains, no water will stick to the area to which the hydrophobic solution was applied, thus creating an image.

Peregrine likes to implement happy messages to brighten up people’s days, such as:

“Today’s Weather: Rain”


“Stay Dry Out There!”

Peregrine comments on his art saying, “It’s gonna rain anyways, so why not do something cool with it?”

You can navigate to the RainWorks website to find out where all the art displays are located in the city, and learn more about his magic spray.

If you want to see how Peregrine’s invention works, check out in the video.  It is extremely interesting to see the water instantly create the images on the ground in seconds.

Have you ever seen any interesting non typical displays of public art in your city?  Let us know in the comments below!