VIDEO: He Takes A Hairdryer To His Bird Feeder. Now Keep Your Eyes On The Bird To The Right…



Hummingbirds are remarkable creatures, and seeing once can be extremely rewarding.

Hummingbirds typically live in warm climates, and also tend to migrate if an area becomes too cold for living.  Sometimes though, an immediate cold front can not be predicted, and the hummingbirds must react accordingly to the weather change.

YouTuber ‘blueskeye’ had an opportunity of a lifetime when a cold front came through, because he was able to take care of some very cold hummingbirds!

When a cold front came through in 2011, blueskeye knew the hummingbirds would have some trouble keeping up with the dropping temperatures, so he decided to lend them a hand.

Every morning, he would set out the hummingbird feeder before first light, and allow two little birds whom he named Rocky and Adrian to feed.

Due to the unusual cold, blueskeye also set the feeder up on top of a heating pad, where the birds commonly came to rest and warm up.

A real bond was formed during this time between blueskeye and the two hummingbirds.  In the video, you can even see blueskeye feeding the timid creatures right from his hand!

In another scene from the video, blueskeye is warming up the birdfeeder with a hair dryer, and little Rocky can be seen standing close by to get some puff of that good hot air.

Typically when one approaches a hummingbird, they fly away at 30 MPH and never return, but these two birds really trust their caregiver, and he really cares for them as well!

If you wish to see the video talking about the full story of blueskeye and his two little feathery friends, check it out below and let us know your thoughts in the comments!