We Complain When Dogs Are Treated This Way. Yet Somehow This Is Okay? Unbelievable.


Approximately 7 million people live in Hong Kong, China. That’s nearly 7x the population of Manhattan. Apartment living can be considered cramped in any city in the United States, but it’s nothing compared to the conditions that some people in Hong Kong must deal with. Even though the city technically is one of the world’s richest, there are thousands of people that are subjected to inhumane living conditions because there is simply nowhere else to live. These photographs taken by Brian Cassey will hit you in the gut.

You wouldn’t treat a dog this way, yet this is life for some people.

The disparity between the upper and lower class in Hong Kong is sickening. Not only do the other residents of the city turn their heads, but the landlords are more than willing to abuse their power in order make as much money as they can.

Source: Brian Cassey via amusingplanet.com

It’s shocking to know that people live in such conditions. Share these pictures with others and show them the truth of what is going on in the world.