> Wedding Ceremony Has A Very Unique Ring-Bearer

Wedding Ceremony Has A Very Unique Ring-Bearer


Weddings are such beautiful occasions. While I haven’t experienced the joy of having my own wedding, it’s always so nice to see the kinds of details others include in their precious ceremonies. Maybe it’s because I’ve watched countless wedding videos, but I feel as though the components of a traditional wedding are no longer as moored into society as they once were.

From funky father-daughter dances, to mascots walking brides down the aisle, couples are having some fun planning out their ceremonies and I don’t blame them. This video shows a very special moment during a couple’s wedding ceremony that the bride never saw coming! Just when it’s time for the rings to be presented, a man walks in holding an owl on his arm.

I love watching the look on the bride’s face when she realizes what’s going on. When the man bearing the owl holds out his arm, so does the groom, and the beautiful bird goes flying down the aisle to deliver the rings. According to this video’s YouTube description, nobody outside of the groom and the best man knew about this surprise delivery.

It’s obvious that the wedding congregation never saw this beautiful surprise coming. I’ve seen dogs go down the aisle to deliver rings before, but I’ve never seen an owl do it. What do you think about the ring-bearer in this video? Would you enjoy having an owl deliver your rings during your special day? Watch the video and SHARE your thoughts with us in the comments!