> Woman Is Dying Of Melanoma Is Now Speaking Out About The Dangers Of Tanning Beds

Woman Is Dying Of Melanoma Is Now Speaking Out About The Dangers Of Tanning Beds


Acquiring bronzed skin is a must-have for many people especially now that summer is approaching and many will be shedding their winter wardrobe and replacing it with shorts, tank tops and dresses. For those traveling to tropical places to lie out in the sun, a few trips to the tanning bed is the norm in order to start a base tan, which is supposed to minimize burning when on vacation.

This practice is extremely common and spans across all age groups. The issue with tanning beds is that they direct powerful UV rays directly onto the skin at extremely close proximities. Too many visits can lead to melanoma, a deadly form of skin cancer that can eventually kill a person.

Ashley Trenner was in love with her bronze appearance and frequented tanning beds year round. Unfortunately, her excessive use led to the development of melanoma in 2011. After several rounds of cancer treatments, the woman’s tumors are too numerous to kill. She will die from skin cancer and tanning beds are the culprit.

Trenner has begun speaking out about the horrors of tanning beds. At one point in her life, the woman had joked that she didn’t care if the beds would kill her, she simply wanted to be tan. Now, of course, her opinion has vastly changed and she regrets having subjected herself to this atrocity. The number of days that she has left to live is unpredictable and so she and her family take it ½ of a day at a time.

Trenner is now 40-years-old and she doesn’t know whether or not she’ll be alive for her 41st birthday. She is hoping that her story can save at least one other person’s life by sharing her truth about how her desire for permanently bronzed skin wasn’t worth shortening her life.