> Woman Passes This Box On Her Morning Commute, And A Voice From Above Tells Her To Open It

Woman Passes This Box On Her Morning Commute, And A Voice From Above Tells Her To Open It


Living in a crowded urban area means that it’s not exactly unusual to pass a pile of garbage (or several) on your way to work. That’s just a part of the charm of city life!

That why when a woman named Julia initially walked past a discarded box on her way to work in Odessa, Ukraine, she thought little of it. It was freezing, had recently snowed, and she was all bundled up—all she wanted to do was get from point A to point B.

That is, until a voice in her head told her to stop. She wasn’t sure what it was, but something told her she needed to investigate what was inside that box—and thank goodness she did.

When a woman named Julia was walking to work in Odessa, Ukraine, she passed a snow-covered box. Naturally, she thought nothing of it. It’s not like seeing a piece of garbage in the city was anything unusual, after all.


Suddenly, however, a voice seemed to tell her to stop and open it up. She couldn’t be sure what it was, but there was something suspicious about that box and she needed to investigate.


So she decided to chase her instinct, and turned around. Walking over to the box, there was no way for her to know if she was just being crazy or not. She reached down to open it up. It’s a good thing she did…


She flipped open the top and was in shock. Inside, curled up and shivering from the freezing cold, were three desperate little puppies! Each of them looked frightened, and without food, water, or a proper shelter, they clearly didn’t have long to live. Julia couldn’t have known who put them there, or what made her stop, but she knew she had to rescue them.


Gathering them up, Julia took the puppies home, and gave them enough warmth and food to recover. Still, her cat wasn’t too pleased with the new guests! Julia is hoping to find the pups a new forever home soon. That way they’ll never be left out in the cold ever again!

Wow, who knows what caused Julia to stop and inspect that old box, but it’s good she did. It’s horrifying to think what would have happened to these poor pups otherwise. While there was no immediate way to know who would abandon these little guys, hopefully they’ll be brought to justice—or learn how to care for animals.

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