> Woman Secretly Records Doctors Making Rude Comments About Her

Woman Secretly Records Doctors Making Rude Comments About Her


Doctors are lifesavers, miracle workers, and everyday heroes. They’re also some of the few people on Earth we are willing to place an enormous amount of trust in. We place our bodies in the care of doctors, we let them see us unclothed, vulnerable, and in pain.

Ethel Easter feels as though her doctors made a fool of her when she trusted them. Easter needed a hernia operation badly. When doctors told her she would have to wait two months, she began to panic. The surgeon began to yell at her, and Easter began to cry.

That’s when another doctor at the hospital tipped Easter off. They told her the doctor had written negative comments in her file. Easter decided to get more information.

During her surgery, where she would be naked and unconscious, Easter hid a recorder in her hair. What she heard left her humiliated.

They made fun of the size of her body, her belly button, and called her difficult. They laughed and teased her because they knew she couldn’t hear it. Easter just wanted the common courtesy any human deserves when they trust you with their life and are paying you to do so.

The hospital released a statement saying it will hold its doctors to higher standard.

“They had no right to say those things over my body,” Easter said. “It was unprofessional, and it was wrong.”

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