Woman Starts Crying At Walmart After Reading Note Left On Handicapped Driver’s Car


Even the smallest acts of kindness can make a huge difference in someone’s life, and Shelby Eckard just learned this firsthand when she had an experience at Walmart that she will never forget.

Shelby is a fitness and nutrition blogger who also advocates for polycystic ovary syndrome support on her Instagram page That PCOS Mom. Shelby uses her social media platform to send out positive content to the world.

Shelby recently headed to Walmart to do some shopping when she saw something outside that had her tearing up.

“At Walmart today I saw a young man putting a note on a van in the first handicapped parking spot,” Shelby wrote. “Walked over to take off what I assumed was going to be a nasty ‘you can’t park!’ note and saw this.”

It turned out that the young man actually had sweet intentions, as the note said, “You are awesome! Have a great day.” This completely touched Shelby’s heart.

“I left it, and sat and waited in my car to see the driver’s reaction,” she continued. “PURE JOY. Then, she took and stuck it on the car next to hers, giggling. So if you need me I’ll just be over here sobbing.”

The man who left the note never could have imagined that his note would have an impact on so many people. He just wanted to brighten up the day of one person, but he ended up melting the hearts of thousands more when Shelby’s post went viral. We should all pay this act of kindness forward by doing something compassionate for somebody else the next time we have the chance to do so!