> Woman Writes Farewell Letter To Family In Cell Phone After Falling Down A Ravine

Woman Writes Farewell Letter To Family In Cell Phone After Falling Down A Ravine


They always say that the buddy system is one of the best tactics, especially when doing activities such as hiking in fairly remote areas. This system ensures that if one of you ends up in a dangerous or life threatening situation, you have someone there to help you or go reach the proper authorities who can. While these instances may be few and far between, it’s always better to have someone there in the off chance it does happen to you, and it is better to be safe rather than sorry.

Unfortunately for 25-year-old Amber Kornhurst, she did not have a hiking buddy with her as she head out to the Arizona desert one day. Kornhurst fell nearly 100 feet into a ravine, where she suffered from multiple spinal fractures,a broken nose, and severe bruising, cuts, and swelling across her entire body.

Once she regained consciousness, Kornhurst was sure she was going to die down in that ravine, and used the little energy she had left to write her family and friends goodbye notes in her phone. With no signal, she left the device on airplane mode so that she could still keep track of the time. For 25 hours, Kornhurst lay alone in that ravine, until a group of searchers found her and got her to a hospital.

Now, the registered nurse is recovering in a hospital bed at her own place of employment, the Mayo Clinic hospital. A GoFundMe page has been set up in her name to help pay for medical costs associated with her sustained injuries. While she knows she has a long road to recovery ahead, Kornhurst is remaining positive about her recovery, and it simply glad to be alive after succumbing to the idea that she was going to die in that ravine.

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