Young Man Corners His Dog To Beat Him, His Sentence Is Increased After An Appeal


This guy lashes out at his dog, punching and slapping. She is a Staffordshire Bull Terrier, 15 years old and living a complete horror storey, chained to this balcony in Marseille, France.

Such a sad case indeed, the poor dog, called Ivory, was on the receiving end of constant and continued beatings from her heartless owner.

The owner was sentenced to eight months in prison by the Marseille court of justice on appeal, back in December, it was originally only six months plus two years probation and a lifelong ban on owning any animals.

The whole ordeal started in October 2015 when it was heard that it was, in fact, his next-door neighbour that managed to film the man during a violent attack, shocking the neighbour thought, I agree!

The man lunges at her and strikes her repeatedly to her neck, fires water into her face, and even more shockingly lays into her with a broom.

It’s only thanks to the actions of the neighbour that the police could intervene with the assistance of ‘30 Millions d’Amis’ to question the man.

Ivory was thankfully removed to the protection of the SPA Animal Rescue Centre at Marseille in the Province region.

The volunteers said:

“She was fearful at first, but then, after, she was content with her saviours. She’s a dog who’s joyful and adorable. She exhibits exemplary behaviour”

Ivory, after only one month, regained the strength to bounce back from her trauma and the memories of her abuse, to show us all how much of a lovely and kind dog she is.

A family came to adopt her and give her a loving home, she is so happy now!

‘30 Millions d’Amis’ said:

“She is in great shape and is enjoying the fresh air. Her guilty pleasure? Dog treats that clean her teeth!”

“Today, Ivory can live without any fear of being hit again!”

If you ever see any terrible abuse like this, grab your mobile and capture a video, what a great way to bring justice for the poor, innocent dog!

Do you have a camera phone… what would you do??