> Young Woman Makes New Articles Of Clothing From Old Leggings

Young Woman Makes New Articles Of Clothing From Old Leggings


Last season’s clothing might not be in style anymore, but there are alternatives to throwing away old clothes. According to the Department of Labor Statistics, American households spend over $1,700 annually on clothing, but all of the outfits and shoes that are being replaced don’t disappear — The Atlantic reports that 10.5 million tons of textiles find their way to landfills every year. Instead of sending old clothes to the dump, some people have turned to modifying their unused outfits.

Womenswear aficionados on YouTube have shared their fashion recycling ideas, including a way to transform your used leggings or stockings into a crop top. The process is remarkably easy — all that’s needed are a pair of scissors and some leggings, tights, or stockings.
Manuela Raczka from the DIY website Handimania begins the transformation process by folding her leggings in half.  
Raczka then cuts out a hole from the butt of the leggings — there’s no right or wrong size for this to be, but it should be big enough to at least squeeze a head through.

If you’re using stockings, you’ll have to cut the feet off, as demonstrated by YouTube’s Raye Boyce on her channel ItsMyRayeRaye. The amount of leg space left behind will determine how long the sleeves of the shirt will be.

Raczka and Boyce show off their final products.

This DIY money-saving trick is perfect for anyone looking to recycle some of their clothes that might otherwise collect dust in the closet. To see even more designs and cute fashion ideas by Raczka and Boyce, check out the videos below.