Only 1 in 7 people can find all six of the hidden words in this picture. Can you? See answer here


Puzzles have been entertaining humans for countless generations. The first jigsaw puzzle was believed to have been produced in London, England back around 1760

And since you’re stuck inside anyways because of the snow and cold, winter time is the perfect opportunity to take out a book of puzzles and get cracking.

Plus, not only are they fun, they’re also a great way to promote brain health and fight degenerative disease such as Alzheimer’s.

Today, we’ve included a few images that can scratch your puzzle itch.

Take a look at each of the images below. Each drawing has six words hidden inside of it.

Can you find all six words in the pictures?


Try your best before sneaking a peak at the answers.

It’s pretty touch, right? Try your best and take your time.

When you’re done, tell us how you did in the comments. Did you find all the secret messages?


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