10 Breathtaking Photos Of Dancers In Motion Reveal The Extraordinary Grace Of Their Bodies


The NYC Dance Project is an initiative designed to showcase the magical world of dance and dancers. It was founded by fashion/beauty photographer Ken Browar and dancer/photographer Deborah Ory, and the beautiful pictures you can see here are taken from a book called The Art of Movement that’s soon to be released.

Inspiration for the project came when Ken and Deborah were decorating their daughter’s room. They wanted to fill it with pictures of contemporary dance stars (their daughter’s an aspiring ballerina), but unable to find many they decided to photograph those dancers themselves. They got in touch with a principal dancer at the American Ballet Theatre and asked if they could photograph him. He agreed, word quickly spread, and soon Ken and Deborah had several requests for collaboration from other members of the NYC dance community. Take a look at some of our favorite pictures below. The Art of Movement is released on October 2 and you can pre-order ithere.

More info: NYC Dance Project (h/t: mymodernmet)